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The City of Cleveland is filled with giants that are awakening to the potential this great city possesses. Rise as a community by practicing economic trading that is self sustaining. 
Visit our online store to review an expanded selection of interesting, fun and unique products created with you in mind. We believe in the importance of economic empowerment through supporting our Cleveland and surrounding communities, and each other, by patronizing local craft-persons and businesses who provide quality products.
Consumer codependency upon big business alone can gradually tear away at the fabric of our residents economic prosperity. We connect Cleveland producers of innovative products to local consumers, artists, musicians and vendors.
Visit our Cleveland Recycles Consignment to add your link to our website to market your product, while signing up for future vendors opportunities occurring around Cleveland.
We welcome Cleveland area artists, craft-persons, and customers to our consignment page and events blog. Cleveland Recycles provides you with a format to promote and sell your ingenious products and creative services through our web site.
Join our community and network with Cleveland area residents and business persons of like minds who believe the importance of economic empowerment through supporting our communities and each other by patronizing local businesses.
Sell with us. Sign-up online to our consignment page today through email. Check our location page to purchase our products offline at several locations in the Cleveland area. Email us today at Cleveland Recycles today to find out more information.